Panic Final 171.jpg

“I want to turn the banjo into a vehicle that isn’t just bluegrass.”

Jacob Panic is a singer-songwriter and banjo artist from Maryland. After receiving a scholarship in 2013 to study with the great Pete Wernick (a.k.a. Dr. Banjo) of the group Hot Rize, Panic returned with an earnest desire to make the banjo his primary instrument and the focal point of his performances, which he has been doing for years in the mid-atlantic region. His latest record was produced and recorded in Nashville, Tenn. by grammy-award-winning producer, Randy Kohrs. It features some of the region's best pickers and players including Kenny Aronoff and members of Mountain Heart. Panic's pop-folk vibe solely using a native bluegrass instrument distinguishes him as a rarity in modern music. He earnestly calls his genre: "pop-grass."